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All retailers need to be seen as often as possible. K9 TOP COAT has a professionally created 30 second commercial that you can use to stimulate interest and sales in your local area. With an order of 20 garments or more, we will provide beta and VHS videos for you. At the end of the commercial, there is a 5 second section to announce your store information. This is a great way to generate interest in our product in YOUR store. Also, potential customers that are driven to your store for K9 TOP COAT's will likely buy other products.

We have found that local spots on cable or local television can run between $10-$40 per 30 second spot. We recommend you contact your local cable provider or television station for prices and availability. You can look for a local show (or as we do) book time on Animal planet locally. This will provide you a targeted market that has a greater chance of visiting your store.
Please call us at 888-833-5959 for details on this offer.

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Dear Retailer:

K9 TOP COATs have revolutionized the dog apparel industry. Our quality is second to none. All our garments are designed and made in the USA by a world leading sportswear manufacturer, and we are priced very competitively.

We have a complete line of garments that provide year round coverage (and sales), that include Lycra, Arctic Fleece, Waterproof , and Safety Vests. We can also provide catalogs, quick sizing guides and POP/window displays, as well as other promotional materials. Through 12/31/02, there are no minimum orders, and we will ship your first order to you FREE. After you make your initial order, we will also list you on our new retailers list on our website. Thus, potential customers can locate a retailer near them to inquire about the garments. Should customers call us directly, we will offer them the closest retail location available. We want you to be successful-so we can be successful.
Our sales have increased over 300% in the past 12 months. In addition to our well established national print advertising, we will be beginning a television advertising campaign on Animal Planet in early fall. This should drive customers to your store- looking specifically for K9 TOP COATs. We anticipate tripling our sales this year, so make your orders early to ensure availability of all colors and sizes in amounts you need.

After your initial order, you will be given a code to access our wholesale link on our web site. You can then order directly off the web site to save you time.
We look forward to doing business with you.

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K9 TOP COAT. Taking dog apparel to New Heights in Quality, Value, Style and Fit.

You can call us at 888-833-5959 or order via our online store. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours. If you order 30 garments or more, you will receive a POP floor display, or 15 garments or more and we will send you a tabletop display. We will also provide window/hanging promotional posters and catalogs free of charge. We do recommend that retailers start with 1 or 2 units per size in just 1 or 2 colors. This will keep your inventory low, but provide all sizes needed with at least 2 color choices.

We know that wall and shelf space are at a premium for most businesses, so our POP floor display will allow you to locate the merchandise in a convenient location that attracts attention, and allows ease of use. Our posters can be placed in your store window, or hung from the ceiling. Our catalogs have all the information your customers need, but omits the prices-thus you can price our garments according to your local standards.
Last, customer returns are easy. They can return to you or we can take the return and ship the new garment.

Should you need a specific color/style, just let us know and we can ship it to you quickly.
We do recommend that retailers start with 1 or 2 units per size in just 1 or 2 colors. This will keep your inventory low, but provide all sizes needed with at least 2 color choices.

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