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cockerspaniel.jpg (11819 bytes)
Cocker Spaniel Size 3 Springer Spaniel 45 lbs Size 5
Standard Poodle (Before) Standard Poodle (After)

greyhound.jpg (12070 bytes)

Greyhound Size 9

Shiba Size 3

Jack Russell Puppies Irish Wolf Hound Size 12
whippet.jpg (9709 bytes) beardedcollie.jpg (15758 bytes)
Whippet Size 3 Bearded Collie Size 5
Springer Spaniel Size 5 Golden Retriever 80 lbs Size 9

Courtesy Callea photo
Golden Retriever 65 lbs Size 7 Borzoi Size 12
Jack Russell Terrier 10 lbs Size 1 Komondor

Clumber Spaniel Size 7  
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